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Personal Injury

Were you hurt and injured through no fault of your own?

Were you hurt because somebody did not do what they were supposed to do?

Call us for a case evaluation!

​​-Car Wrecks

-Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

-Slip and Falls

-Work Injury

-Faulty Equipment

-Assault and Battery

-Motor Cycle

-18 Wheeler

-Outrageous Conduct

Real Estate

We are here to assist you in your transaction! -leasing





-title issues.

   From deed preparation, to loan documents, call us for your real estate questions.


-Child Support

-Changing your Possession 


-Unpaid Medical Bills

-Attorney General hearings

Family Law

-Buying and Selling



-Assistance with the Sales and

  Closing process 

-Transfer Title


-Rentals, Landlord-Tenant -Commercial


Lawsuits and Litigation

If you have found yourself in a  lawsuit or need representation, then please call us so we can discuss your matter.  No case is exactly the same and each case is approached with the clients situation in mind.   We have many years of experience in different types of cases.

Sensible and practical approachs to your situation.  Realistic ideas for real co-parenting and modifications that work with your lifestyle. We can help you with choices that protect you and your children.         

-District court

-County Court

-Justice of the Peace Court

-Municiple Court

Wills & Probate

-Powers of Attorney

-Affidavit of Heirship

-Small Estate Affidavit

-Planning your estate

-Resolving your loved one's estate

-Assett and liability review goals

-General family legacy retainer  

  from $10,000.00 per year

Please contact us for a consultation!  

Criminal Law



-Health and Safety Violations

-Drunk Driving


-Traffic Tickets 

-City Ordinance Violations 

-Occupational Drivers License

Call us for a consultation to go over your case.   We may help you understand the court process. 

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